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Primate-Related Links

 Primate Info Net   

This site is managed by the National Primate Research Center at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and has news, fact sheets about a wide variety of primate species, educational and research resources, and a host of other useful stuff.

Image from

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Feed Rescued Primates   

You can click every day  — for free! — to help support sanctuaries in Africa run by the Jane Goodall Institute.

New England Primate Conservancy 

State laws have prevented the establishment of a primate sanctuary in Massachusetts, but this organization does great work in education, animal protection, and animal advocacy.

Advertisement image courtesy of the Nash Collection

Primate Art and Primate Images

Also maintained by the University of Wisconsin, these sites offer exactly what they advertise.


General Links


Maintained by the University of Texas at Austin, this site is an excellent tool for teaching about comparative primate anatomy.


This is “the ultimate multimedia guide to the world’s endangered species.”

Aeon Magazine

Smart people writing smart things about science and culture.



Mammals Suck…Milk!  — Dr. Katie Hinde, Harvard University

John Hawkes Weblog — Dr. John Hawkes, University of Wisconsin, Madison


True Facts — this is actually a YouTube channel and it probably classifies as NSFW, but it’s related to animals and I find it very funny.

WTF, Evolution? — Again, more humor than science.




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